Lisa: A Patient’s Story

Shared with her consent, one of our patients has written an article for Pain Toolkit, a unique pain management tool we regularly use at Back2Health to help our patients learn to cope with and manage their pain. Lisa’s story tells how she was born with part of her left arm missing and subsequently has endured years of chronic pain from overuse of her right side.  “At my first appointment Jonathan recommend I look at the Pain Toolkit and by my next appointment to have set myself some goals, I did and I haven’t looked back since then…” To read Lisa’s […]


  Why do children and young people develop back pain? Babies cut their first tooth generally around 6 months old- which is when we, as parents, start encouraging them to take care of their teeth, and showing them how to do so. We do this because it is ingrained in us that we need to brush (at least) twice daily, floss, and use mouthwash to keep our teeth and gums healthy, and avoid dental problems.  But yet no one encourages us to take care of our spines from such a young age.  What would happen if we did?  Would it lead […]

Are you lifting comfortably?

Injury prevention and rapid return to work of injured workers is a major focus of industries throughout the world, predominantly because back injury represents an enormous cost in both money and suffering. The past 20 years have shown a significant decrease in the number of days lost from work due to sickness and injury; minor illnesses were the most common reason given for sickness absence but more days were lost to back, neck and muscle pain than any other cause, accounting for 31 million working days lost in 2013.   This means that reducing injury at work is crucial, for […]