Musculoskeletal Service for Back and Neck Pain

This service is delivered by Back2Health on behalf of the NHS in North Hampshire.

Award winning rapid access service offering local care with an emphasis on self help and manual therapy1

Hampshire Backs – the NHS spinal pain service in North Hampshire

The Hampshire Backs pathway has been developed to help ensure patients are seen by the clinician most likely to help them quickly, whilst reducing waiting for inappropriate tests or consultations.

The pathway explained:

Patients referred by their GP in North Hampshire with spinal pain or neck related headaches are sent through the Hampshire Backs Pathway.

The GP and patient both provide information about the condition.

The referral is delivered electronically to the specialist triage team at Hampshire Backs who review it usually within a day of its arrival.

Their goal is to arrange for the patient to be seen by the clinician who is most likely to have them feeling better.

For most patients this will be a course of therapy from a chiropractor, physiotherapist or os- teopath. These treatments are available quickly in this services with first appointments offered within 10 days or sooner if the case is urgent.

Where other treatment or investigation is felt likely to be more helpful this is arranged by the triage team

If patients do not do well with any treatment their referral is returned to the triage team for a fur- ther review.

Why have I been sent to Back2Health?

Back2Health is one of three organisations providing physical therapy services to the NHS in the Hampshire Backs pathway. You are being seen by us because it is felt this will be the quickest way to help you feel better. For more information about our NHS service please visit: https://

Why am I not having a scan?

Scans such as X-ray, MRI or CT are not helpful for most patients as they are rarely useful in identi- fying what is causing the problem. A scan will only be done if there is a specific concern or if treatment such as injection or surgery is being considered.

But my GP has told me I will have a scan.

The specialist triage team who review GP referrals will take a GP’s views into account, however they base their decision on what is best for the patients. If you have not been sent for a scan then it is likely that one is not going to help you have appropriate treatment

For more information on scanning from the British Association of Spine Surgeons visit

Hampshire Back Service website:

Back2Health Clinics

  • Alton Health Centre
  • Basingstoke
  • Holmwood Health Centre
  • Moreland Surgery

About us

Back2Health is a partnership of chiropractors, osteopaths and physiotherapists providing award winning care on behalf of the NHS in North Hampshire, Merseyside and Lincolnshire1.

Our services

Short waiting times – typically a few days.

High satisfaction levels – more than 99% of patients being happy with their care2

Treatment aimed to restore normal back and neck function. This can help reduce pain and lessen the chances of future spinal problems.

Support for individuals to understand their condition, and the things they may do to help themselves.

Appointments available early morning, evening and weekends at most of our clinics.

1 UK College of Chiropractors PPQM & CMQM.
2 Patient survey for 4616 patients attending Back2Health (2012).

Is this the right treatment for me?

Our service may be helpful to you if you have back pain (including sciatica), neck pain or neck related headaches.

If your doctor feels you would be helped by a referral for treatment, then through the NHS you have a choice of which provider you see for care. You should discuss with your doctor your coming to Back2Health if your symptoms are from:

  • ‘Mechanical’ back or neck problems
  • Whiplash associated disorders
  • Stiffness and restricted movement
  • Cervicogenic headaches
  • Degenerative pain
  • Postural related neck and back pain

What can I expect when I come?

  • We will listen to your description of your problem and the effect it is having on you.
  • We will provide you with a thorough examination.
  • We will explain what we find, helping you to understand your problem.
  • We will discuss things you can do to speed recovery and cope with your problem.
  • We will discuss treatment with you. This may include safe, effective and comfortable options including manipulation, acupuncture and exercises.
  • We will go over steps you may take to prevent the pain from returning.

Owned by JR Field and MH Allcott ta: Back2Health Partnership – office 84 Fawett Road, Southsea, Hants. PO4 0DN.